About Dan Leigh


I started writing songs as a teenager, back when I was obsessed with the band Radiohead to the point it was almost a problem.  Several years later, after reading an article written by a producer named Scott Mathews, I mailed him a demo.  It was literally the first handful of songs I had ever recorded, but he signed me and before I knew it I was in his studio making my first album.  The album, The Shortest Life, was released in 2004 and I am still proud of it.  In the 11 years since I have recorded two more EP’s, recorded and produced several hundred pieces of music for TV shows, and broadened my other interests in life.  I am also a health and vitality expert and a writer.  I am currently working on my first novel.  The other things I have pursued in life, besides music, have made me a much better musician.  I’m currently recording demos in my home studio, with hopes of getting them widely heard.  There is no doubt in my mind that my best music lies ahead of me.